Position Title: Customer Support Representative  
 DOL Position Title: Computer User Support Specialist  Telecommuting Eligible: Yes
 Exemption Status: Non-Exempt  Full or Part Time: Full time
 Incumbents: Matt Horn, Amber DeBoer, Nick Krause  Supervisor: Mike Usrey
 Starting Wage: $17.80 - $20.49/hr.  

General Statement of Duties: Manage all customer interactions (sales, support, etc.).

Principal Duties

General business sales operations (85%)

  • Using independent discretion, analyze issues and make appropriate decisions/solutions based on Q&A sessions with customers via phone, email, social media message, SMS text, or IM chat concerning their Miatas (e.g., how to perform a repair, what products to purchase for a certain repair or to improve the car's performance, trouble-shooting installation/product issues, etc.).
  • Using independent discretion and judgment based on experience and knowledge of department's budget, resolve customer complaints and disputes via professional and empathetic negotiation. The goal is to provide a win-win solution with customers who have order or product-related concerns.
  • Respond to customer phone calls, emails, social media messages, SMS texts, and IM chat to answer technical questions as well as questions about item inventory status, information listed in orders, and status updates for customer orders.
  • Create at least one knowledge base article that will be published for customer consumption each month. Articles can be about www.flyinmiata.com website navigation and use, general Miata knowledge, maintenance, a Flyin' Miata product review, or as assigned. CSR may be asked to appear in company-created videos.
  • Practice time management daily to ensure customers receive high-quality support and allocate time to create monthly articles. CSR must successfully manage his/her own time within the framework of the other team members.

Miscellaneous (15%)

  • Search out and implement improvements to current practices, procedures, and processes to benefit Flyin' Miata by making the CSR department more efficient whenever possible.
  • Assist with pre-event preparation for Miata events (potentially out-of-state), attend same events, provide product recommendations and take customers for test drives to better explain the company's performance products and how they operate.
  • Assist in the training of new hires to perform the duties of this position.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High school graduate or equivalent work experience.

Experience and Training

  • Must have a minimum of three years' experience working full-time, either online or in a retail environment, providing customer service and sales. Technical customer service experience preferred.
  • Must have problem-solving skills.
  • Prefer basic mechanical experience; Miata-specific experience strongly preferred.
  • Full-Time professional Mechanic experience greater than 5 years commensurate with pay. Part-Time professional mechanic experience & Accredited Degrees directly related to the Mechanic trade counts towards this time at a rate of ½

Skills Required

  • Must be able to communicate well, both verbally and in writing and to clearly write and speak English.
  • Must be able to type with a minimum speed of 45WPM and 95% accuracy as measured by a standard 1-minute typing test (such as https://www.typingtest.com/ on the "Difficult Text" setting).
  • Must be detail oriented, have excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills to professionally resolve problems.
  • Must have the ability to deal with multiple priorities and effectively make professional decisions in a timely manner.
  • Must be computer literate & be able to learn new software as assigned to perform job duties.
  • Must be able to work independently and also within a team environment.

Typical Physical Demands

  • Must hear effectively for telephone communication and to share information with co-workers.
  • Must see the computer screen and to identify appropriate software programs.
  • Must see to verify materials printed from the computer, to review data, to record, prepare and communicate appropriate reports.
  • Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a computer keyboard, photocopier, telephone and other office equipment.
  • Must lift and carry office supplies up to 25 lbs. as needed for the day-to-day operations of the office.
  • Must have the mobility of reaching, bending, twisting, stooping and stretching to perform tasks in an office and warehouse environment.
  • Requires prolonged sitting and frequently is required to work standing on a cement floor.

Typical Mental Demands

  • Must understand vague and implicit instructions.
  • Must react favorably in all work situations.
  • Must be mentally adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people.
  • Is frequently called upon to handle challenging situations.
  • Must communicate verbal feedback in a professional manner.
  • Must resolve problems, handle conflict and make effective decisions under pressure.
  • Must work quickly and efficiently under pressure to meet deadlines or other time-bound events.

Performance Requirements

  • Required to maintain a minimum average measurable-productivity percentage of 35% (hours logged answering customer phone calls, emails, social media messages, SMS texts, and IM chat divided by the total hours worked) on a four-week rolling average.
  • Message (email, Facebook message, Instagram message, IM chat, SMS text, etc.) responses should be answered with a minimum average rate of 7.5 messages per hour (average of 8 minutes per message) on a four-week rolling average.

Other Requirements

  • Must have a valid driver's license and have own transportation that may be used in completing the work duties.
  • Requires acknowledgement and participation with all provisions of Flyin' Miata's Employee Manual.

Working Conditions

  • Occasionally attends business events out of state that requires working long hours, conversing with numerous customers, and standing for prolonged periods of time in all types of weather.
  • Will work in a typical office environment.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours as the business dictates.
  • May be required to work overtime on occasion with advance notice.
  • Employer will provide reasonable accommodations to employee, upon written request, to perform essential functions of the position.