Position: Director Maintenance
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Type: Full Time & On-call
Wage: Dependent on Experience

The Director of Maintenance (DOM) is a position of a local homeless shelter. The DOM reports directly to the Executive Director (ED) and is responsible for upholding the policies as set forth by the Executive Director (ED) and Board of Directors, bringing any issues of concern to the attention of the ED. The purpose of the DOM position is to assist in the management, direction, and oversight of Shelter Maintenance Services. This position must be available to staff during assigned hours and days, and may require on-call hours. This position must be willing to coordinate efforts with the ED and the Leadership Team.

Job Requirements:

  • B.A. or comparable degree in a Human Service related field - or equivalent work experience preferred.
  • Previous successful people and process management experience.
  • Must be committed to living out the Mission and Values of HBGV.
  • Ability to manage, develop and train staff and Guest Participants for their work roles.
  • Must be a self-starter who is highly organized, able to prioritize, and highly flexible/adaptable
  • Willing and able to accept feedback; maintains appropriate personal and professional boundaries
  • Holds appropriate expectations for an emergency/support services environment and its clientele.
  • Must possess a heart for love and service to low-income population.
  • Strong computer experience with proficiency in MS Office Word, Excel, Outlook, and databases.
  • Must be willing to work the following assigned schedules.

Job Responsibilities:

Safety and Cleanliness:
  • Lead the Leadership and Shelter Coordinators Teams in maintaining a safe and clean environment throughout all facilities. Through personal efforts and/or Supervision of the Life Skills Team, and relevant staff:
  • Ensure that the perimeter of the facility and Pathways is free from loitering, encampments, distractions, etc. to the best of our legal ability.
  • Ensure that check-in/entrance is maintained according to policies and procedures.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are upheld for each facility and associated services.
  • Ensure that the perimeters of the facilities are kept free of trash, weeds, debris, and are power washed on a scheduled basis
  • Ensure that the interior of each facility, including common areas, classrooms, hallways, restrooms, offices, the patio, etc. is kept free of trash and personal belongings, and is cleaned on a scheduled basis.
  • Assist as needed with the operations of the Donation Station, to ensure spaces are clean and orderly.
  • Provide for Pest Control as needed.
  • Liaison with vendors for best pricing and services.
  • Collaborate with ED when bids/new services are required.

Basic Maintenance Services:

  • Manage Basic Maintenance Services of buildings and equipment:
  • Scheduled and routine maintenance- Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of buildings.
  • Minor maintenance and repair of same.
  • Maintenance of Building:
  • Maintenance of all F, F, & E, walls, surfaces, ceilings, interior and exterior surfaces, roof, fences, and equipment.
  • Minor repairs, painting, replacement, and refurbishing of same.
  • Maintenance/Building Sanitation: Supervise Work Crews
  • Liaison with vendors for best pricing and services.
  • Collaborate with ED when bids/new services are required.

  • Basic Data Services statistics: ensure that statistics and Maintenance records are entered into SPLAN, HMIS, Neon, Logs/IR's each day, and Maintenance Log Books; and that appropriate required reports are made available to the appropriate entities.
    • Work with the Kitchen staff to create and manage the flow of maintenance and cleaning activities effectively.

Supervision of Staff:

  • Supervise all Maintenance Facility/Service Vendors and Services Staff. This includes DSGSC's assigned to the shifts; as well as any coordinator-level staff assigned to emergency services operations.
  • Work with the Supervisory team to hire and onboard new employees; to conduct weekly meetings, both individual and group; to address performance issues, including the annual performance review process; and to schedule assigned shifts, time off, etc.
  • Hold individual meetings with assigned staff members, focused on their individual job performance and their professional development.

Life Skills (Work Therapy/Community Service/7 Day Program):

  • Collaborate in tandem with Life Skills GSC Coordinator, through assignment of participants and other staff, ensuring that each area is adequately staffed to meet the needs of the areas they support.
  • Oversee the resident learning process providing opportunities for improving work ethic, life-skills, and job-readiness.
  • Ensure that Life Skills programs are operated as "real world" as possible with job descriptions, requirements, and expectations.

Operations and Administrative Duties (individually assigned)

  • Provide the work hours needed to serve those in need with staff, participants and volunteers to ensure the organization continues strong community relations.
  • Ensure all necessary supplies are on-hand to operate each facility - including cleaning supplies, equipment and tools, maintenance parts and supplies.
  • Work with the Maintenance staff to address any maintenance issues in a timely manner.
  • Approve timesheets for all staff assigned to a shift during the pay period.
  • Aid the GOD, ED and fellow Directors and staff when necessary.
  • Serve as "Safety Coordinator" and work alongside Operations staff to insure the overall safety and security.
  • Manage facilities; standing in for various meetings, covering job responsibilities as able for other Leadership Team members.
  • Additional duties as assigned by ED.