How do I apply and how long does it take to hear back?

The first step is to apply online; when completing the application, make sure your work history is accurate and if you have a resume, attach it online. Within 24 business hours of receiving your application, we will call you to go over the initial application and set up an Interview within the next 1-2 weeks.

As an employer, how do I get more information about working with Landmark Staffing?

If you are looking for our services and have questions, email Mario.Paul@landmarkstaff.com for business inquiries or call us at 970-985-7000.

While working through Landmark Staffing, what would be my status as an employee?

Working through Landmark, you would be considered an employee of Landmark Staffing and a Temp-to-Hire employee for that specific company. Temp-to-Hire employees are similar to a probation period, allowing the employer to decide if that candidate is a good fit & for the employee to decide if this position is attractive for long term employment.

What is the demographic of Job Openings?

Majority of our open positions are considered full time positions, as an employer, we strive to place an employee with an organization that fits what he or she is looking for, as well as place a candidate who is the best fit for an organization. If an employee is interested in temporary work, we will also work with them.

How long does it take to begin work?

On Average, employees who are placed in a temp to hire position begin work after 5 days of an interview.

How often are pay periods?

An employee through Landmark gets payed every Friday for the previous week's work.

What payment methods are available?

There are 2 types of payment methods available; direct deposit or you are issued a pay card. With direct deposit, this can be updated at any point in time. If direct deposit is not the employees preferred method, we will issue a pay card that will act as a debit card.