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Looking for Staffing Services in Grand Junction, CO?

Landmark Staffing can fill your manufacturing positions fast

Staffing your factory has never been easier. Landmark Staffing can connect you to talented, responsible employees in the Grand Junction, CO area. Our staffing services include locating, screening and doing background checks on potential workers. You won't need to waste your company's resources on the long, and sometimes fruitless, hiring process.

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See the benefits of using a manufacturing recruiter

Manufacturing work calls for specific skill sets. Selecting and interviewing candidates can take weeks, delaying your production schedule and reducing profits. What if you had fast access to a skilled and screened labor pool?

Working with a manufacturing recruiter allows you to meet...

  • Higher-than-predicted workloads
  • Fluctuating production goals
  • New contract demands

Get experienced workers when you need them. Call the premier manufacturing recruiter in Grand Junction, Colorado today at (970) 985-7000.