Know Who You're Hiring

We offer employment background checks and drug screenings in Grand Junction, CO

Landmark Staffing can boost your staff by placing qualified individuals into your open positions in Grand Junction, CO. We offer three services so you can learn more about employees you may hire.

These services are:

  1. Employment drug screening
  2. Employment background checks
  3. Employment verification services

Don’t waste your time and resources on the wrong candidate. Our services will narrow down your list and help you make an informed hiring decision.

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What do these services do?

Employment drug screening, employment background checks and employment verification services are beneficial for various reasons. Take a look at how our services can help you:

  • Through our employment drug screening, we can determine whether a candidate uses substances that could be dangerous in the workplace.
  • Our employment background checks allow you to verify your candidate’s criminal record, education and employment history. This is important for making sure you aren’t hiring unqualified individuals.
  • Our employment verification services can help you figure out if your candidate is qualified for the job. It shows whether your candidate has been fired from a job for negligence or other reasons.

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