Forklift Operator and Yard Hand

Position: Forklift Operator and Yard Hand
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Type: Full Time
Wage: $14/hr

A Forklift Operator, or Material Handler, is a certified warehouse or manufacturing associate responsible for controlling heavy machinery to move materials around a work site. Their duties include preparing merchandise and securing it for safe, easy transport, using radio communications to determine priorities and performing regular machine maintenance on forklifts and other tools.

Job Responsibilities:

A Forklift Operator needs to be able to operate powered industrial machinery with ease. They may need to use scanners to keep track of the items they are moving. They may also need to prepare those items to be moved, by placing them on pallets, wrapping them, etc. Other duties may include:

  • Checking for damaged goods
  • Staying aware of possible hazards
  • Maintaining/repairing forklift and other equipment
  • Recording data about the products they are moving

Job Requirements:

  • Education requirements (i.e. high school diploma, GED, etc.)
  • Physical requirements
  • Safety training certifications
  • Experience running forklifts
  • Ability to operate powered industrial machinery
  • Must be over the age of 18