Landscaping Helper

Position: Landscaper Helper
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Type: Full Time
Wage: $13/hr

Electrical Engineer Summary

Landscape Helpers will help plant flowers, bushes and trees. They must pay careful attention to the spacing of plants to support optimal growth. Throughout the growing season, they water, mulch and prune vegetation to create lush grounds and landscaping for homes, shopping centers and apartment buildings.

The Landscape Helper will work under the direction of landscape architects who design special landscape projects that determine the artistic placement of bushes, perennial plants and annuals. Landscape assistants may help with the installation of patios, walkways, lighting and sprinklers.

An important aspect of landscaping is managing the health and appearance of hedges, shrubs and trees. Landscape Helpers may detect plant and tree diseases, prune overgrowth, remove dead branches and shape ornamental shrubs using power tools.

Job Requirements:

To succeed in this occupation, a landscape assistant needs physical strength, coordination, manual dexterity and precision to handle power equipment and machinery.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

On the job training for necessary skills